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Bo Mellberg

@greenleaf wrote:

Since we’ve got a beginner’s guide thread going for FirePlay, I’ve got another n00b question.

If I’m using my server’s Apache web server to serve up FirePlay, what do I need to change configuration-wise to make it work? I put the files in Apache’s web directory and it wouldn’t connect to the server, so I moved them to the Firefly web admin directory and it connects fine. I’d prefer to have it served up by Apache so I can use it without the password for the admin page.

Put the three files where ever you like (inside your htdocs or var/www or whatever). You just have to specify, in the FirePlay.html, the host and port of the FireFly server you want to connect to.

There are three instances of “?host=&port=”, modify them all to “?” or if FireFly resides on the same physical computer, use “?host=localhost&port=3689”.

On Windows the port is (default) 9999.