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@hryamzik wrote:

No .journal file, deleted the songs3.db, nothing changed.

There’s one .mp3 song in the music folder and an ln’s link to folder with music.

I’m sure root does have necessary permissions…

ps: Tried to delete the ln link in music folder, it’s not why mt-daap crashes. 🙂

So you are saying there is only one music file and it wont’ run with that?

Can you run gdb and get a stack backtrace?

Basically, just run “gdb mt-daapd”, then when gdb starts up, do “run -d9 -f -c /path/to/mt-daapd.conf -y”

let it run until it crashes, and you get thrown to a prompt. Do “bt” and paste the output in here. That might help some.

— Ron