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Reply To: freebsd and mt-daapd-svn-1696



hi hryamzik,

get rid of the old config file from mt-daapd from the ports. ron changed some paths and other stuff. i recommend using the mt-daapd build from svn 1696. i’ve compiled it on freebsd 7.0 beta2 x64. it works perfectly. i dont know, but on x64 i have to link the libs for myself. maybe you have to do this on x86 too.

here is a little step by step howto which worked for me.

get the nightly sources and untar them. id3tag have to be installed. (you’ll find them in the ports). Next you can configure the sources by

sh configure –enable-sqlite3 –with-id3tag=/usr/local

this should do it without errors. next you can do a


and a

sudo make install

if thats done you have to link the libs using “ln -s”. you will find them in /usr/local/lib/mt-daapd/plugins -> -> ->

if thats done just edit the mt-daapd.conf in /usr/local/etc to your use and start mt-daapd. if you didn’t build mt-daapd from ports before which i recommend there is no startscript in rc.d. just start mt-daapd from commandline without specific options.