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Reply To: Firefly fails immediately on running on NSLU2




Thanks for the reply, sorry it took me song long to reply myself 😉

I think I’ve found a problem with the slug anyway, which is that it was running out of memory. I run the unslung firmware from a memory stick and I’ve cleared off a few programs and at least now my upnp server runs.

firefly doesnt – yet. I’ve uninstalled it, trying to re-install it before running with the verbose reporting. However, the current error, on install (ipkg install mt-daapd) is:

Configuring mysql
//usr/lib/ipkg/info/mysql.postinst: /opt/bin/mysql_install_db: No such file or directory
//usr/lib/ipkg/info/mysql.postinst: /opt/etc/init.d/S70mysqld: No such file or directory
postinst script returned status 127
ERROR: mysql.postinst returned 127

Then on trying to execute firefly with /opt/etc/init.d/S60mt-daapd it stil fails to execute. How significant is the above install error, before I get to grips with the extra level of reporting?

thanks for your time with this, cheers again, Iain