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Reply To: FireSpiff – Export XML playlist (XSPF)



Just an idea..

You could use my DaapPlaylistGenerator which can generate a XSPF playlist too, but runs client-side. It requests all songs in DAAP (xdmap-tagged) format, which is more efficient than XSPF/RSP. Especially with lots of songs this makes a big difference in download size.
Of course, this “download size” only matters when attempting to run remote. Local shouldn’t really matter.

Next to that, I really encourage you to further experiment with this, to possibly create a better product. Also, you will learn alot from it. 🙂

Errr.. I read on the XSPF site there coulnd’t be any spaces in it. It should display %20 instead of a space. This really screws up in VLC Media Player. I will remove this soon, as the playlist seems valid with spaces.