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Reply To: Firefly works once. After restart no way



@jomaweb wrote:

I’dont use Wireless connection, the RJ45 instead.
The Bonjour service is running (v. 1.0.4) and FF is running and indexed all my Tracks.
The Router is a Zyxel Prestige 660HG and multicast IGMP v2 is enabled.

But some curious thing happened today. I have other new Wifi Router (Huawei 550), taken it out of the box, plugged, and….Voilá!!!

Firefly Lybrary Still disappeared but…Now I got Windows Media Connect available.

However, when I’ve tried to listen some tracks a message displays: “0 items, press exit to go back”

from your pc, if you browse to http://localhost:9999/rsp/db

with *firefox* (NOT IE or safari or anything else), you should see an xml file with a list of playlists and how many items are on them.

If it says there are items in the playlist, and your sb is saying there are zero items, then your roku isn’t connecting to what you think it is. Maybe a nas device on your network that has mt-daapd preloaded on it?