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Reply To: Front row in Leopard can not find the mt-daap server



@wordworm wrote:

Does anyone meet the same following problem?
I use the stable version mt-daapd 2.4. 0 as my daap server.
I also used Front row on Mac mini to view video on mt-daapd server through network.
This worked well with Mac OS X 10.4.

Recently, I get a new Mac Mini with the latest Leopard OS.
It’s Front Row has also upgraded.
I found that I can not find my daap server in Front Row now. It seems that Front Row can not discove the server. But the iTunes on Leopard still works well with mt-daapd.

Does anyone know how to use the latest Front Row to view the vidoe on the mt-daapd?


Seems to play audio okay, just not video. haven’t seen that yet.

— Ron