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Reply To: Which NAS, when a want to use Firefly/FLAC/Soundbridge/Roku



I think the

synology DS107+ 128 mbyte

may be something for you. If not the only working solution.
It is significantly faster than the NSLU with 4x the memory and a faster CPU.

Synology provides a patch to open telnet access so one can hack it in principle and it comes with a working iTunes and UPnP server built in.

I know someone who uses such a machine for video streaming. It is fast enough for this unlike the NSLU.

The downsides are of course also there:
– Its 3-4x the price of a NSLU. Quite a bit overpriced IMHO.
– The Marvell 5281/500 processor is not much know yet in hacked NAS systems – lack of precompiled stuff likely
– Theres certainly much less known as how to customize such a box yet. But alas, there is no community as developed as the NSLU community at all. Probably someone has to start. And as the telnet is open it must be possible somehow hehe.