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Reply To: Duplicated entries with Firefly iTunes shared library.



@ericsm78 wrote:


I’ve imported a known good library into the computer that is meant to be used as Music Server, then I’m using Firefly 1.0 to share this library througout the network.

The issue is that with the iTune’s clients each single track at this shared library appears duplicated.

If I open iTune’s at the music server and browse the library locally it appears correctly, no dupes here.

I’ve deleted and recreated the database with no joy, the issue persists.

About the setup:

Music Server > Xserve, 10.4.9, iTunes 7.4.2, Firefly 1.0., the music library is mounted in a volume from an Xserve RAID (/Volumes/Music/Music/iTunes)

Clients > 10.4.10, iTunes 7.4.2.

This is an exerpt from the Firefly logs:

2007-12-05 14:48:08 (a000eca0): Registering rendezvous names
2007-12-05 14:48:10 (a000eca0): Serving 105 songs. Startup complete in 2 seconds
2007-12-05 14:53:12 (a000eca0): Rescanning database
2007-12-05 14:53:13 (a000eca0): Starting playlist scan
2007-12-05 14:53:13 (a000eca0): Scanned 105 songs (was 105) in 1 seconds

This log indicates that something is not really going ok, since 105 songs doesn’t match the number of song files seen at the server’s iTunes library, the current number of songs listed at the server’s iTunes library is 52.

If I do a search with the Finder at /Volumes/Music/Music/ I do get 53 music files.

Any help in resolving this “dupe listing” issue is much appreciated.

Many thanks,


There is a setting int he web config, under advanced for switching whether or not the underlying file system is case sensitive or not. Try swapping that. Your file system is *not* case sensitive… so there are probably two entries (one from the itunes xml file, one from the fs scan) that are the same, but with different capitalization.

Once you swapped the case sensitve option, the force a full rescan from the status page and see if that does it.

— Ron