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Reply To: FAT32 maximum drive size and Firefly



@JuanLu wrote:

I was thinking to migrate the whole thing to an AppleTV hacked as a OS X box. I tested Firefly with an old iBook and worked really good in despite of being only usb1 capable… but wanted to give the slug another chance (btw you do have the same setup than me…? Debian slug – Soundbridge).

yeah, that’s what serves my soundbridge. (actually mine is served off the unslung one, not my debian one). But yeah. That’s part of what’s driving me to fix teh db stuff and playlist stuff, to speed up iTunes connects and improve playlist response. We’ll see how it goes.

p.d. Ron… maybe would be a good idea to change the subject of the thread? it is not related to the size of the drive anymore….

Hrm, but I don’t know what I’d call it. “Conversation about various stuff”? 🙂

— Ron