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@JuanLu wrote:

turned off background scans, but on editing the slug is unreachable and the Soundbridge stops playing music until edit is done?

Hmm… one thing it does on a playlist edit it to rebuild all the playlist counts and stuff. Do you have a lot of playlists, or playlists with lots of items on them?

It may be that the newest nightly (still in progress) will solve that. The playlists are not stored in the database any more, and I think that will make it perform much better. Can’t tell yet, as I haven’t run it on a slug yet. Still have a bit more to go (not a lot though, it’s almost ready to drop as a nightly).

one question more (sorry 😳 ) when playing aifs the Soundbridge gives not the elapsed time info and the status bar is solid from the beginning of the track. When playing wavs the behaviour is as expected. When the slug was Unslung -now Debian- all the aifs were correctly displayed on the Soundbridge… ❓

Thanks again!

That may be a bug introduced in newer nightlies. I’ll take a look at that.

– Ron

Yes… I do have more than 600 playlist and each one storing a lot of items. Each directory is a cd or a set of cds (i.e. a long work: Tristan und Isolde), so I imagine it’s a hard work to rebuild database.

I was thinking to migrate the whole thing to an AppleTV hacked as a OS X box. I tested Firefly with an old iBook and worked really good in despite of being only usb1 capable… but wanted to give the slug another chance (btw you do have the same setup than me…? Debian slug – Soundbridge).

Thans a lot.

p.d. Ron… maybe would be a good idea to change the subject of the thread? it is not related to the size of the drive anymore….