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Reply To: FAT32 maximum drive size and Firefly



@rpedde wrote:

@JuanLu wrote:

Well… it seems to be a Unslung6.8 related problem cos other users are having this “terrorist” behaviour with the Slug… I’ll move to Debian… hope I don’t cry for my files, otherwise I’m going to destroy the slug…. 👿

Debian is where it’s at anyway. 🙂

— Ron

😯 😆

I’m really happy now: no more file lost! I can trust the slug with Debian to manage my music library.


only a question: I’m rebiulding editing via web interface my smart playlist because the list was ordered with folder names like

0001 Bach…..
0034 Mozart…
0450 Bill Evans….

and I’m changing to

Bach…. (0001)
Mozart… (0034)
Bill Evans…. (0450)

and each edit takes more than 30 min. of HD rattling and slug thinking !!!!

The play list is more than 600 items and the database is sqlite (not sqlite3).

Is this for normal.. so long time to perform the edit?

Otherwise I’m very happy with Firefly… 1000 thanks again Ron!!!!!