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Reply To: FAT32 maximum drive size and Firefly



Hi all again!

Well, I had the whole day to test and realized that my smart list (songs.db) was the cause of the problem. I removed it and firefly remains stable playing music, BUT I need the smart playlist because plain WAVs and AIFs don’t support tags (btw: is there any way to implement it with aifs and wavs other than a playlist based on file names????). The playlist I built was almost 1100 records (!!!), so is there any way to reuse it? Putting the old database in the directory where firefly stores the database worked with my old setup, but not now.

More troubles: i started with a new smart playlist choosing several of the directorys in the HD, run a scan and in 2 of them the files were lost and replaced with other huge size files with names such “07b~1.aif” where I had “07-He was despised.aif” for instance. I got also several files named “usbc” in these damaged directorys.

I’m scared about losing my digitized music collection and having to rip again all the cds because this slug behaviour.

Thanks for your help!!