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Reply To: Help with MyBook World Edition – newbie to Linux



1. Looks from the old post you have 1586. that’s good.
Ok, that was one of my concernes…
2. What kind of files? .mp3, m4a, flac?
MP3’s and all are playable when I use firefly on my computer…
3. What happens when you try and play them? Does the roku say it can’t play that type of device? Does it start to play then hang? Does it skip to the next song? What, exactly?
The ROKU says: “Could not play “song name”” It doesn’t even starts to play. No buffering…

I set the debug level to 5, try to play a song and this was what was written in the logfile:
“Error 404: file not found”
Strange, since th file really is there!
It finds it when scanning….!