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If you do http://ip.of.server:port/rsp/db (using the ip address o fyour server and the port number spcified in the config file, ob course), from firefox, you should see an xml file.

In the xml file, does it show non-zero totals in the playlists?

Here is what that files shows:








I also upgraded to the nightlies – svn-1696 thinking that might work and it it does not. Same issue remains.

Oh. You really are browsing, not looking at playlists. Probably with a low-powered device like a nas trying to get distincts on 26000 records and send them to the roku before it times out is too much for the thing.

You’d probably do well to create playlists for the stuff you are browsing for, and that will probably work better.

Hopefully once the db is refactored, browsing will be much faster. At which point you might be able to do browses on large databases like that.

Until then, you’ll need to do something to help it return results faster — make smart playlists (maybe using the smart.html on the web interface) or something of that nature.

Keep watching nightlies. The first one after the db re-write will likely be fairly unstable, but it should stabilize fairly quickly.

— Ron