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Reply To: Help with MyBook World Edition – newbie to Linux



@stuartleitch wrote:


I’m trying to do exactly the same thing.

I followed the instructions in the wiki, but had to download and compile the 3.5.3 version of sqlite.

I can’t get Firefly to start. If I run ‘/etc/init.d/S99firefly start’ it says Firefly Starting, but it never shows up. Looking in /var/log/messages I see: ” db_sqlite3_open: Misc SQL Error: unable to open database file (@[email protected]/songs3.db)”

Any ideas? I’m not sure where @[email protected] is to look and see what’s there.

Is this to do with having a later version of sqlite installed? I’m using the latest available nightly (1696)

Some assistance would be most gratedully received.



Do the “make” from the top level of the extracted files, not from the “src” directory. The file you are using is the mt-daapd.conf.templ, which is the template into which the *real* values get merged to create the mt-daapd.conf.

So do the make at the top level, then copy over the generated mt-daapd.conf, not the template.

— Ron

Or… I guess failing that, you can always just substitute the *real* file paths into the config file in place of the @[email protected] markers. Up to you, but probably easier to let the template generate something reasonable.