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Reply To: Help with MyBook World Edition – newbie to Linux



@johncan wrote:

/but i think it might (should?) be:


or /shares/internal/MUSIC

I switched it to /shares/internal/MUSIC. Itr was just /MUSIC.

Still not working, but I will try the next step.

In addition, you may have to change the “runas” user in the config file to match your username.

Is this the username I use to login into the MyBook using SSH?



Correct. since *you* can read the files, the server will be able to if it’s logged in as you.

A trick to find the path where the music is at:

from putty, telnetted into the mybook:

# find . -name “*Some Song Name*”

it will grind for a while, but it will eventually spit out where it found the filename that matches “Some Song Name”. If you pick a song name that you can see in the share via windows, and you know the path on disk, you can figure out what the path to the top of the music tree is.

Say through windows, the file is like this:

“Music” on \servername
+ My Music
+ 01 Dancing Queen.mp3

If you do a

# find / -name “*Dancing Queen*”

and it spits out:

/shares/hdd1/public/Music/ABBA/01 Dancing Queen.mp3

Then you know that “/shares/hdd/public/Music” is what corresponds to the top of your music tree.

That’s what you should put in your mp3 path in the config file.

— Ron