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Reply To: firefly and twonky on NSLU2?..



@smallspeed wrote:

I know this isnt necessarilly the place to ask questions about twonky, but I hope someone might be able to help me; is there some configuration I need to do in twonky to allow firefly to run or vice versa? have I done something really stupid? or am i attempting the impossible?..

Since installing I have not restarted my slug or tried anything other than whats written above.. I did enter the command to start the firefly server incase it was that, but it didnt understand that either so Im a bit worried to try anything else incase I brick my slug..

I’m not running Twonky on my slug, but I do run Firefly, Wizd, Oxyl~Box, Cherokee, lighttpd, and countless other services, simultaneously.
Rest assured, you do not need to configure firefly to do so. It plays nice with other programs out of the box. 😉

As for Twonky, I can’t really help you but to point you to obvious places, such as