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Reply To: 1696 on MSS+ Blank Configuration Screen in Web View




Just as a warning I’m very new to firefly, but I’ve had a very similar problem to this using an MSS+, so hopefully the below might be some help.

I was also getting (daapd server crashed?) messages, which seemed to happen while a scan was happening. This in turn then meant the sql file was locked next time mt-daapd was run.

What seems to have fixed it for me is turning off playlist and iTunes XML file scanning in the advanced config. What I noticed was the song count number on the status page during a scan went from the actual number of songs I have (~3100) to some silly number like 4244232 and then the html interface crashed. Turning off playlist scanning seems to have cured this (although its only been running for a day, so no promises! 🙂

I hope this helps. If I had time I’d do a debug level 9 and really look into this, but I’ve got a 10 week old son and my time to fiddle with stuff like this is somewhat limited! 🙂