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Reply To: 1696 on MSS+ Blank Configuration Screen in Web View



I think something broke last night when I was trying everything I could think of to make it work. At one point, the MSS froze completely, and I could not access through Putty to send “reboot,” nor could I power down by holding the button on the front, nor could I reset using the paper clip switch in the back, so I had to pull the plug. I have a feeling something went wrong when I was making all of the changes. It’s like the MSS+ freaked out and sent a self destruct. Whatever happened, it forced me to reset my Linksys WRT54G wifi router (kudos to the folks at Cisco that walked me through the process at 2:00 AM last night) in order to get the network running again.

I ended up running “ipkg remove mt-daapd” and then “ipkg update” and “ipkg install mt-daapd,” then followed the wiki again, but set database to sqlite3, and rescan to 0. Started the server, ran the scan (crashed once during scan, but I was able to start it back up) and now I’m serving again. 5 songs so far… have to see if it keeps working. Keeping my fingers crossed.

All I want for Christmas is for Firefly to keep working on my MSS+!!!!

Thanks for your help.