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According to the Fast Start thingie isn’t needed any more…

the atom is nolonger needed in itunes versions since 7.4.2. tested with both ipod and ipod touch, and iphone very soon 🙂

Hmm, might be true for iTunes, but what about Firefly?

I’m guessing this has to do with the specific DAAP implementation in question…I guess Ron would have to comment on that, but I would be surprised if he’s made any major changes to DAAP in Firefly in awhile.

Also not sure what DAPs (i.e. ipod, ipod touch, and iphone) really have to do with this since as I have always understood it, the fast-start streaming issue with mp4 metadata has to do with streaming/sharing…not strictly decoding/playing.

Right. First, fast start is completely unrelated to the uuid atom. As mentioned previously, playing from a local file system is completely different from streaming. Playing from a seekable file system, iTunes doesn’t care about metadata arrangement. But for streaming, the metadata has to be front-loaded, or itunes simply won’t stream it.

As far as why your fast start streaming file wont’ play, have you verified the metadata is front loaded? Use something that will show you the real tag order (like atomicparsley) so you can actually verify that the metadata is right.

If the metadata is right, and it plays from a seekable file system, but not streamed, then I don’t really have a good answer. Something about the headers that iTunes still doesn’t like? Not sure.

But it’s isn’t a firefly thing, I’d wager. I’d guess it wouldn’t stream itunes to itunes either.

— Ron