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@turbo wrote:

@turbo wrote:

I’m starting to wonder if it’s something wrong with my ffmpeg installation. I’ve been fiddeling with this all weekend, hacking the script and etc, but I just can’t get it to include the video. I’ve asked on the ffmpeg list, but so far no answer.

Just got it verified – I have not been doing something wrong. WAV is a sound format only, so no wonder that the video is filtered out…

But why is iTunes ‘hanging up’ the connection if I send it a MOV, MP4, ASF or MPEG stream!? It receives 45×4096 bytes, and then I get Broken pipe

if you didn’t care about transcoding audio, you could change ff-plugins.c to change the content-type from audio/wav to video/mpeg. that might do it.

As far as itunes closing the connection, it does that when it doesn’t understand the header that it received, or it isn’t a streamable format (either because the qt component won’t work with a streaming file, or because the m4v/mov/mp4 metadata isn’t optimized for fast-start).