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Reply To: Installing on Intel SS4000-E (general Linux question)



I also have a SS4000-e and have been trying to get FireFly working on mine as well. I’ve love to help you get yours working as that will get me closer to getting mine working!

With some good notes from someone, I was able to get TwonkyVision to work on mine and I’d be more than happy to share those notes as they do give some ideas on how best to get the software on to the Intel SS4000-e (from public folder), enable SSH, etc. Some good basic Linux command if you’re not super Linux proficient (I know that I’m not)

Of course Firefly is better IHMO than TwonkyVision and I’ve tried a lot of the builds that Ron has put together, but I haven’t been successful with any of them yet. I think that we need an ARM build for Little Endian (ARMEL) to order to make it fly (since that’s the type that I used from Twonky), but I wouldn’t know how to compile that.

I think the SS4000-e is running Linux 2.6.10 is that helps at all. Of the resources that Ron mentions, I don’t think we have any of them preinstalled as I looked in the open source files that Intel makes available for the 1.4 firmware and it doesn’t mention those.