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@hellermd98 wrote:

This may be a bit premature but what is mt-daapd’s support for phonetic characters?

We are using it in our Language Lab and have entered the characters using iTunes on a Mac. This is with build 1586 as we couldn’t get a new version to run (Mac OS X 10.5.1 client).

The characters look fine on the Mac with the iTunes library, but either don’t show up on a client to mt-daapd (iTunes from another computer) or for the ones that have accents over the phonetic character, they show up as two characters. I don’t mean é or ö but rather phonetic characters like É™ or Éœ. (For more examples, some HTML phonetic entities can be seen at

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

It should work fine… iTunes should save them as UTF-8, which mt-daapd shouldn’t have a problem reading at all. There are some problems (as mentioned) with non-latin1 codepage characters in file systems that aren’t utf-8, but that shouldn’t affect a mac at all.

Should just work. Is it possible that the remote machines don’t have a font that will display those characters?

Do you have an example mp3 that you could mail me at [email protected]?

— Ron