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Reply To: 1696 – and extended characters in media path



@turbo wrote:

@rpedde wrote:

I think he meant 1696.

Right, sorry. I was a little confused jsut around the time when I started to use SVN version(s) and didn’t notice that part… I got a SVN version checked out, and that crashed about the time it noticed a file with international characters, so I jumped the gun and assumed it was the same problem. I later noticed that it was something else (can’t remember what now).
@rpedde wrote:

On the other hand, I’ve written a couple thousand lines of code without being able to test is from an actual media player, so now that it’s working against a real media player, I ought to be able to move faster now.

Nice! So given a couple of days, we’ll get a much improved Firefly with more functionality to test? Oh, what joy (really! :)!
Just commit what you have (with a WARNING file) so we can test/help. I get payed to work on this, so… 🙂

it’s committed, and compiles right now, at least on mac. Probably will compile on linux. probably not on windows or *bsd or solaris.

at a first pass it won’t do anything it didn’t do before. only possibly slower or buggier.

I hope to speed it up to the point that it’s faster than the current db, and this setup should let me do neater things, like the “top n” queries, and queries with specific sorting, and properly sorting band names with “The”.

That sort of thing.

— Ron