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Reply To: 1696 – and extended characters in media path



@rpedde wrote:

I think he meant 1696.

Right, sorry. I was a little confused jsut around the time when I started to use SVN version(s) and didn’t notice that part… I got a SVN version checked out, and that crashed about the time it noticed a file with international characters, so I jumped the gun and assumed it was the same problem. I later noticed that it was something else (can’t remember what now).
@rpedde wrote:

On the other hand, I’ve written a couple thousand lines of code without being able to test is from an actual media player, so now that it’s working against a real media player, I ought to be able to move faster now.

Nice! So given a couple of days, we’ll get a much improved Firefly with more functionality to test? Oh, what joy (really! :)!
Just commit what you have (with a WARNING file) so we can test/help. I get payed to work on this, so… 🙂