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@rpedde wrote:

This is it:

2007-11-28 18:12:52 (8b0900a3): iconv error: unknown (0)

I changed some of the code that was home-rolled for changing codepage formats to iconv, since that should allow for better flexibility with codepage changes.

Clearly something broke, though.

If you wanted to email me at [email protected], I could let you know when I think I have something on that. It’s hard for me to test internationalization, as there are lots of points of breakage, and my machine isn’t very internationalized. :/

So if you wanted to help work through those issues, it would be very helpful to me.


Thanks for your time.

I am relatively used to problems caused by extended characters in some programs (in Spanish we frequently use á, é, í, ó & ú – and occasionally ü or the uppercase versions of all these. Apart from “ñ” as in “España”, of course!). That made me suspicious :roll:.

Take into account that, in this case, the flaw is “empowered” by the fact that the default media path will contain one of these letters in all Spanish-language-Win-systems. Bad luck, and a toast to Mr. Gates.

I’ll be glad to help in the future, and am sending you an email right now.

Saludos desde España,