Reply To: 1696 – and extended characters in media path


It’s working now.

In Spanish/Windows, the default music folder is [……Mi Música], and for some reason that “ú” is not being taken correctly. Apparently everything goes fine when selecting “Mi Música” during install, and “Mi Música” is listed OK in the configuration app (… in a first stage). But not in the web interface page, where the “ú” is replaced by a funny character. When I corrected the “media folder” path using the web interface and restarted the server a full scan started.

However, there seems to be a problem somewhere, as the way the path is listed in the (icn tray) configuration app *and* the way it appears in the web page are different and inconsistent; it might have to do with my system’s configuration (?) or with the way extended characters are handled by Firefly’s installer and/or server (?).

Also, and what’s worse, there is a big “unstability” in this respect: the way “Mi Música” is transcribed seems to change within a few minutes, as if some of the entries were revised or retouched by the dark forces of the system, and when that happens the server freezes or refuses to start or finds no files in the scan – until the folder name is (again) manually corrected.

In short: I’ve done some testing, and having the “ú” in the media path makes the server very unstable. Actually, when I’ve changed that path from “M:Mi Música” to just “M:” nightly-1696 scans, and works, fine; that has been my “final solution” to the problem, at least for now.

I must add that I have not changed the paths or folder names for many months, and that those problems did not appear before now. It is true that the accented characters in path name appeared somewhat “distorted” when seen in the web interface, but everything worked. Not now.

Sorry again for my crappy desription and crappier English, but I hope this helps others.

Best from Spain,