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Reply To: FireStats – Top 40 php script (now with added charts)



I’m not going to pretend to understand the behavior I’m seeing. Assuming I put it in the right place, moving the timezone line into the getDatabase() function didn’t do anything different. But regardless of whether the timezone line IAmerica/Chicago) is active or commented out, I’m seeing a “summary” time of GMT-12 instead of GMT-6. I tried changing the functions.php timezone from America/Chicago to Europe/London for a 0 offset, and that fixed the problem. Firestats now shows the correct time at GMT-6. Weird. I double checked that the system clock and timezone were properly set and they are. So in summary, the system clock is set to America/Chicago, php.ini has timezone set for America/Chicago and with functions.php set to America/Chicago, my times are GMT-12. If I change functions.php to Europe/London, firestats shows the correct time of GMT-6. I’m a php noob, so any assistance in explaining why this is happening is appreciated.