Reply To: FireStats – Top 40 php script (now with added charts)


@swissy wrote:

firestats seems not working on Mac OS X with apache. When clicking on the chart refresh, it hangs at 14 % for ever..

Hi there,
not having a Mac or apache I will try and resolve this for you.
There are 7 steps in the loop that get run

$actions=array("Artists", "Albums", "Genres", "Added", "Decades", "Played","Refresh Complete" );
$loopsize = count($actions);

// Calculate how many percents to advance per loop
$percent_per_loop = 100 / $loopsize;

so 100/7 = 14, therefore each step is 14% – this is failing at the first hurdle when updating the Artists query.

Behind the scenes this is calling


– does this work if you click the Artists button ?

Are there any php errors thrown ?