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Reply To: FireStats – Top 40 php script (now with added charts)



@bugmenot wrote:

Is there an official site available? There is no documentation inside the zip-package and srsly, that really sucks…

EDIT: Okay, if you would at least include an example firestats.ini it would maybe have been enough. Now everything works and looks pretty nice! =) But I still strongly recommend to include a short documentation!

Hi Bugmenot,

Sorry that your first experience was one of frustration.
I released this to the public domain so that people could adapt/use it on their own systems – and in my own way contribute to the project.

The software has grown organically, and feedback from other users prompted the addition of the .ini file (which is optional).

Ron was going to bundle some of the third party plugins into a release, and I supose at that stage I would have considered some documentation, and would have made the code more robust.

The ini structure is documented in this thread, and I had assumed that people would have found that – but I accept that I could add a default ini file for people to amend.

Hope you enjoy using this as much as I did writing it.