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Reply To: FireStats – Top 40 php script (now with added charts)



@webdes03 wrote:

Yes, That could be it. I have accurate values for “Songs”, “Playlists”, and “Albums”, but zeros for “Albums Played”, “Songs Played”, and “Unique Songs Played”…

I’m on build svn-1586… which build are you using?

And what’s the upgrade procedure, just install the new version of FireFly over the old one so I don’t have to recreate the database?

I am using 1696 with sqlite3, and I must admit I have found this very stable on linux, but I cannot vouch for it on Windows.

As far as I can remember there were no database changes for that build, so it should be a straight replacement. I would advocate making a backup copy of the database and ini files before embarking on any upgrades first though.

Best of luck.