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Reply To: FireStats – Top 40 php script (now with added charts)



@osik wrote:

a hint: as i use the libchart i think it will be annoying to change the settings for firestats when upgrading. imho it’s an nice feature if you add a settingsfile which always be the same. when upgrading this makes everything a lot easier 😉

OK, version 1.27 allows you to overide the DSN, API, host and port if you have a firestats.ini.

You only need to add the sections/entries you need to change from default. A complete file looks like this


host = localhost
port = 3689
DSN = sqlite:/opt/var/mt-daapd/songs3.db

API/Lib can take values USE_GOOGLE|1|USE_LIBCHART|2
DSN is documented in the getDatabase function in functions.php

I have not shipped this file, you can create it if you require.