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Reply To: FireStats – Top 40 php script (now with added charts)



@osik wrote:

hi sonichouse,

i installed version 1.25 yesterday, and upgraded right now to version 1.26.

i see you changed the graph top 10 played title in last 14 days from grow right to grow left. i think this doesn’t make really sense. can i change that or maybe you could “fix” this in a future version.

a hint: as i use the libchart i think it will be annoying to change the settings for firestats when upgrading. imho it’s an nice feature if you add a settingsfile which always be the same. when upgrading this makes everything a lot easier 😉

last but not least: very nice addon, which works like a charm *thumbsup*



Hi there, glad you like it.
It all started as a teach myself php exercise, and now I found myself tweaking it regularly 🙂

The graphs have always had the dates in descending order, you can alter the SQL order by clause on line 556 in functions.php if you wish.

I like the idea of a settings file for the options – I will look into that.