Reply To: FUSE & XSPF Functionality


@Blebo wrote:

I was wondering if it would be viable to create a virtual file system for FUSE ( that is based on tags stored in the database? I think it would come in hand for those would like to have their collection sorted in a folder on the hdd, yet still have flexibility in how it sorted (by artist, genre, codec, playlist). This is useful when you want to put a playlist on any old flash media player.

On a similar note, would it be possible to generate XSPF ( & for the playlist presented by Firefly. Could be useful in the playlist page in the web gui, say next to the edit/delete buttons.

anyway just by 2-bob worth 😀

when I have a better xml parser, it will be easier to do wmp and xspf parser.

As far as the fuse stuff goes, yeah, that would be doable. My vote would be for ruby. 🙂

— Ron