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Reply To: svn-1696 crashed on nslu2



@fizze wrote:

Ok I am just giving up on 1696 with sqlite2.
It crashes on every rescan, which is just horrible.
Plus the log doesn’t give any hints.

I think I get a glimpse of your work, Ron. 😕

I hope sqlite3 is more stable. 🙄

Hm the sqlite .dump worked like a charm. Sqlite3 seems a lot snappier on the slug 🙂

I got a minor thing though:
I just ripped and placed a new album on the slug. It is in the db since today and I c an play it just fine. However, I have a smart playlist thats like this

time_added after 2 weeks before today

and it does have a few other recently added songs, but not this particuliar album.

What’s the catch?

Should go. :/

What does sqlite say the time_added is for those songs in the db?