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@TigerKiss wrote:

Thanks Ron 🙂

For some strange reason I havent seen that page before. The one you link to. Everything seems to be very well explained there.
But I cant make it work.
Actually Ive spent quite some time trying to make my slug work with firefly and mainly Kissdx (for my Kiss player).

I would just like to start over.

Do you know how I can remove everything from the slug (except unslung 6.8 and preferably openssh) ?

Then I would follow the instructions on the page you linked to.

Its just that Ive done many mistakes, I am sure, and there are different versions of many files(like the conf file for instance). I have installed Twonky and want to get rid of it. etc. etc. etc

Is it a bad idea to start from the top ? Is there an easy way to clean up after some of the mess Ive made ?

Thanks for your help

Hrm… I *think* you can just pretty much whack the /opt directory and follow the unslung “reslinging” procedure. But I’d have to ask those who are more nslu2-ey than me. Anyone?