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@TigerKiss wrote:

Hi 🙂

My network : NSLU2+500 GB WD, Linksys WRT54GL (DD-wrt firmware), Desktop dualboot XP(x86) + Vista 64, HP Notebook(Vista x86) and Kiss DP 558.
I just bought the slug, I am new to linux and just installed DD-WRT firmware on my router.
Slug is unslung 6.8beta running the latest nightly. Firefly media server installed on XP partition.

Am I right that I dont need my desktop running to be able to stream music to my laptop ?
If that is correct I have a problem because when I shut down my desktop the laptop loses connection to the mediaserver in Itunes.

What do you need to know to help me out Ron 😀 ?


You’ll need to copy your music over to one of the devices that runs full-time. (the slug, maybe).

Instructions for installing are at

You can skip the part about running unlsung, and just skip down to the “installing firefly” section.

— Ron