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@drewd wrote:


I am having issues in getting Firefly to work with my DNS-323 as an iTunes server.

I have installed mt-daapd as per DNS-323 forum instructions as a stand alone on the DNS-323. It is running. I have scanned and it has found the music files (6414) however it does not show up in iTunes. On the config page (web) it states that the Bonjour server is ‘stopped’.

I installed the Windows version of Firefly and it works. In that config page it states that Bonjour is ‘running’.

The Windows XP Services show that Bonjour is up and running from boot of computer.

1. Does the Bonjour server have to be ‘running’ on the DNS-323 standalone mt-daapd?
2. If so….how do I get it to run and what am I missing?

I have tried just about everything to get the iTunes server that came with the DNS-323 and also upgraded to the later mt-daapd version.

I installed Twonky to try that…my AV Receiver works great…UPnP is up and running…but the iTunes server for Twonky does not work either.

Any help in sorting this would be appreciated.


bonjour showing stopped is a bug.

did it ever work with the built-in version?

If not, then it’s probably a multicast issue. Do you have one side of hte connection wired and the other side wireless? If so, then check your wireless router and see if it has a config setting to enable multicast, or perhaps IGMP.

Also try upgrading firmware on the router to the latest.

That’s if it never worked, even with the built-in itunes server (which is mt-daapd 0.2.4, probably).

— Ron