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@scot wrote:

The db scans correctly, daemon starts up, first track plays. When the track changes, either because the song ended and automatically went on to the next or when a new song was selected mid-stream, mt-daapd crashes. I’ve noticed you are working on the socket code, I’m guessing the problem is in there.

I’m not handling SIGPIPE when the socket closes. I’ve noted that myself, but keep forgetting to add that in (as the platform I’m on doesn’t care. 🙂

I’ll try and remember to add that. If it isn’t fixed next nightly, can you ping me about it again?

in mt-daapd-svn-1696/compat.h I have to manually “#define HAVE_STRCASESTR 1” since configure guesses wrongly.

I may just start using all the compat functions regardless of whether the platform natively supports it. Makes it easier to see errors in the compat code. Plus, I’m either too stupid to use autoconf, or autoconf is too stupid to use. I don’t dare guess which of those two is the case. So I’ll just sidestep the issue.

“make install” puts the plugins into /usr/local/mt-daapd/lib/mt-daapd/plugins/…. with their version numbers *.so.0.0 but the binary looks for them in /usr/local/mt-daapd/share/mt-daapd/plugins without the version numbers so I have to manually move them.

Some time ago, the default paths changed, as platform specific libs should really go in pkglibdir, not pkgdir. But unless you updated the config file, it won’t find them there.

As far as the .0.0 goes, that’s a libtool issue, unless I’m dorking that up too.

In any case, aside from the .0.0 issue, I think the rest are fairly simple issues. I’m gonna throw this whole thread in a bug report so I don’t forget.

— Ron