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@sansp00 wrote:

Well, been messing around with my shiny new Media Vault. I was able to build a firmware image using a Fedora Core VMWare image and the GPL source with instructions. What I would like to do now is to compile a Firefly nightie from this …
Can anyone help ?!?
Patrick S.

How much kung-fu do you have?

I think the “rightest” way to do it would be to set up a compilation environment for unslung and build the unslung packages using the compiler you have. That already has all the libs and deps and everything you need.

But it would take some hacking on the makefile stuff for unslung.

Not impossible, I wouldn’t think, but I haven’t really attacked it myself.

That’s how I’d go.

Failing that, you’ll need to download all the deps and compile from source. At a minimum you’ll need libid3tag and sqlite3. Compile those and install them to a staging directory, and then build firefly against that staging directory. Then copy the libs and the firefly binary over to the box and run it. Crossing fingers as appropriate.

— Ron