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hi rajt,

I am using Windows Media Player 10. I’ve also used iTunes 7.5 and noticed that the Firefly server shows up on iTunes.
My questions are

1. On iTunes where do the playlists show up from Firefly?
2. Can Windows Media Player show Firefly as iTunes does as I prefer to use this. If so, how? If not, is it a WMP limitation?


The Windows Mediaplayer doesn’t understand the daap-protocol which is used to connect Apple iTunes and Firefly. WMP is using upnp to share music. Firefly has support for upnp but it doesn”t work already, if i remember. Search the forum an u will find an answer.

To show up playlist in itunes u first have to create them. Go to the webinterface http://yourserver:3689 and configure your playlists. there are two types of playlists possible.

1. smart playlists: this is good feature if you have your music well tagged.
2. playlists: its not visible per default in your webinterface. browse http://yourserver:3689/playlist.html. there you can set up static playlists.

If there are playlists you can open them by clicking the little arrow in front of the musicservername in itunes.

hope that helps.