Reply To: FireFly keeps stopping


After limitless tries I finally found the below thread

Suggests to kill or even rename the Synology indexing process, as follows:

Ron said

Ah, the hup thing. yeah. On non-nptl pthreads machines (or maybe it’s ulibc machines, not sure) a sighup makes it crash. The thing is, the synology has a disk indexer that indexes any new media on the file system, and then HUPs mt-daapd to make it reindex. Sadly, that makes it die.

The workaround is to kill the synology indexer thing.

and then SydneyGuy suggested

What I did to get around the dreaded HUP problem was to rename /usr/syno/bin/synoindex to synoindex.old

It’s a heavy handed approach but it stopped the damned indexing and the HUP problems haven’t been seen since.

Will try now, and let you know if it worked.

NB – feels pretty lonely here, being the only one to reply to my own replies … 🙄

bye – Marcus