Reply To: playlists with german umlaut do not work


hi ron,

thanks for your reply.

I have opened the m3u-file in notepad++ and saw that the file is encoded in ANSI – don’t ask me way. After chosing UTF-8, I have re-saved it and re-checked the m3u file with notepad++ if it is really encoded in UTF-8 – and it is.

However, umlauts in the m3u playlist files are still displayed as “?” in the web-interface of firefly. (the soundbridge displayed umlauts as square and do not play the playlist – the display “says” that there are no items).

I am really no expert, but I do not understand why umlauts are displayed and playbacked by my soundbridge when I choose an artist such as “müller” and not when I choose a playlist containing an umlaut.

I am appreciate for any help.