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That’s exactly what I want! Thanx! 🙂

So back to the question at hand.
Can Firefly stream CD audio, provided it was indexed properly?

automount it in a way that exports the contents as wav (cdfs, or something similar) and kick off a rescan when it mounts (d-bus or something similar).

CDFS looks like the way forward. I’ve tried it on my Ubuntu laptop and it accurately returns the tracks as WAV files. I’m not sure if CDFS will compile on the slug, but I’m assuming for now that it does.

Scanning the mounted dir will pose a problem as the CD does not contain any metadata such as artist, album and track titles. Nor does the WAV format allow you to define such metadata (for example upon mounting the CD). I’m not sure what Firefly would do upon finding a bunch of supported files called “track-xx.wav” – possibly just add the songs as “Track-xx”.

What about this procedure?
When the CD is inserted, mount with CDFS at /media/cdrom
Then execute a shell script that generates a m3u file at /media/mock_cd which contains the cddb information and paths to the tracks in /media/cdrom
Tell Firefly to rescan /media/mock_cd and the new playlist should be available.

Would this work?

How do I remove the playlist from Firefly?
I looked at the playlist table, and it contains a path field. Will this path field refer to the m3u file? If I delete the m3u file from /media/mock_cd and rescan that dir, will Firefly realise the playlist is gone, and delete the row from the playlist table?