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Reply To: List of DAAP/Firefly clients



The dormant “GIT – Get it together” has been doing a great job in my installation for more than a year now:

I use the old 0.2.3 version of Firefly running on a slug with OpenSlug 3.1. It hosts more than 6000 songs …

In the meantime it proved to work well with firefly 1586 (on SlugOS/BE), too.

Client is a fan- and diskless via epia computer that has all its software on a 4 GB flashcard. ( I installed GIT on that Linux box. Box is connected to our flatscreen-TV. Operated with a wireless keyboard.
Performance is great: stable, fast, reliable … 🙂

The SEARCH functionality is fast as lightning; when you start git, it creates a local table with all your songs, so searching happens locally. As a result, you always get a list with all songs that match your search-string.

So when it comes to search-performance, it leaves FirePlay far behind.

Some things do not work, however:

    Playlists (this is the reason why I use FirePlay occasionally.)
    No browsing songs by Genre (another reason for using FirePlay.)

In short: the combination of OpenSlug 3.1, standard mt-daapd 0.2.3 and GIT as player is VERY stable and highly recommendable.