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Reply To: How-to setup Firefly on a Synology disk station (powerpc)



After spending some days all around the net, I am afraid I really need some help.
I have got a DS207+ since a few weeks and I have installed the latest firefly 1696 version for my arm architecture, and everything looks correct (I followed all steps carefully), the web server is accessible, the mp3 scan is OK but in the end, I still have the “incompatible server found” problem on the soundbridge.
I read here and there that it means that the soundbridge does not see the good protocol (rsp if I am not wrong) and sees the itunes one instead. Actually, the itunes client running on my mac does see the firefly server.
Well I suppose I missed something in the firefly installation. I read that some plugin are required for firefly to work with soundbridge but I have no clue where I could find them ?
For now I have just made “ipkg install mt-daapd_svn-1696-1_armeb.ipk”
followed by the .conf edition for the mp3 lib and that is it.
Also tried the 1586 version to be sure, but no luck.
I am kind of desperate here as some people with exactly the same hardware have successful installation of firefly, I really dont understand.

Thanks for any help.