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Reply To: How-to setup Firefly on a Synology disk station (powerpc)



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@huckele wrote:

Another question: Do you know, if replay gaining FLAC files is possible at all.

Thank you! huckele

Nope, don’t have replaygain support at this point — it would have to be done on the client side. — Ron

I’m not giving up, Ron. How about that idea, editing opt/sbin/ on my diskstation as following (found that in Roku forum). Will that work? My config:
Synology DS106j
Soundbridge M1001
SVN-1586 installed with cstern’s manual in this setup issues forum
***Updated today to svn-1696, does not work 😥


flac_file() {
$FLAC –apply-replaygain-which-is-not-lossless –silent –decode –stdout “$FILE” | $WAVSTREAMER -o $OFFSET $FORGELEN