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Well I know it’s a bit off-topic and may come a bit late to those who read this, but I think that a hint should nevertheless be given. Maybe someone reads it in time.

Seeing that the price for Synologies 107+ or 207+ units (their only units that outrank a NSLU clearly) is over 200 EUR (245 EUR most vendors at I have to say that in the meantime the Synologies are *clearly* overpriced.

You have to compare it to the following options:

1) NSLU, 65 EUR. Dirt cheap. Its of course slower than the newer DS107+/207+ or higher units from Synology. No discussion. But its less than a third (!) in price and it’s completely sufficient for running just mt-daapd. Installation requires one rather easy reflash to the hacked firmware but is straightforward and easy as is the install of mt-daapd. Its about the most researched platform for mt-daapd so theres a solution for almost any problem that can come up.

2) A Mini-ITX barebone. I can right now buy a barebone (thats motherboard, CPU, power and case ready assembled) for 185 EUR. Adding 20 EUR for 1 GB ram its 205 EUR for a system that also needs very little electricity, is passivley cooled with a Via C7 1GHz processor and is significantly faster than a Synology. But for less money.

Of course there remains one advantage for the Synology: They come out of the box with a nice software/OS packet. On a barebone you need to install it all on your own and on a NSLU you need to reflash at least once and then use ipkg to install. So for people that dont want to have any trouble or work at all the Synologies may be still a good choice.

But hardware-wise the Synologies seem to be quite a bit overpriced to me right now. Sure it is the sharp drop in prices for MiniITX compounds that makes em so sharply over price, but still, then Synology should lower their prices as well…