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Reply To: How-to setup Firefly on a Synology disk station (powerpc)



@cstern wrote:

For me I have a, maybe related, problem. If I copy new music to the DS107 Firefly will abort, and the web interface becomes unavailable – but I don’t even get the login box.

In the log I can see that (the) Firefly crash landed after receiving a HUP signal.

Also multiple requests at the same time to the server causes a crash. I think this is kind of well known with this release in combination with the sqlite database format.

Maybe it works better with sqlite3 which can be selected in the web-interface. I tried it (sqlite3) once but had problems, and went back to sqlite. I will try again and see if stability improves. Perhaps you should try the same…

Ah, the hup thing. yeah. On non-nptl pthreads machines (or maybe it’s ulibc machines, not sure) a sighup makes it crash. The thing is, the synology has a disk indexer that indexes any new media on the file system, and then HUPs mt-daapd to make it reindex. Sadly, that makes it die. 🙁

The workaround is to kill the synology indexer thing. Can’t remember the process name, though, as I dont have a synology.

At least until I can fix it to ignore hups.

— Ron